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us two

i’ll be seeing you in Liverpool

and like John and Paul

all we need just a little love

words that sent us up above


so come on let’s go to Liverpool

and like John and Paul

we’ll be the dynamic duo

across the universe heading Pluto


let’s be John and Paul

Making history in Liverpool

and if you just ask, you know i will

offers you nothing but the best deal


keep that promise we made in Liverpool

we will be like John and Paul

i’ll be the fool on the hill

with you my sun king we’ll make it real


this story that we crafted in Liverpool

just like John and Paul

and with a little help from our friends

believe that we will be together in the end


oh in Liverpool

like John and Paul

let’s do this while we’re young

having so much fun

singing something like glass onion


just a simple tribute to the dynamic duo, Lennon-McCartney 😊

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us in a moment

did you know?

the thunder starts to rumble in the distance

murmured nature calling

the wind decided to make a rampage among the trees

initiated nature gathering

those heavy grey clouds sweeping the blue sky away

wrapping the earth in the cold air

hiding it from solitary mister sun

and when endless water starts to pour down

those millimeter droplets kiss the ground

filling our lungs with the fragrance of wet soil

a dry land meets perky raindrop

that is us in a moment

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