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the rain today

the rain today has yet decided to pour down

when the wind suddenly blow them away again

the clouds has yet released stacks of transparent grenade

but sir howl-a-lot said, “not on this land not this afternoon.”


once again the creature from below looks up to the sky

once again mother earth laughing her own indecisive nature

once again the cloud wavering and wondering why

once again an army of clear droplet yet brave troops, linger


“why can’t you be like us?”, said the boys of thunder

we are so precise, never hit the same place twice

we are flashy, electrical, and our blinding roots of light

are many times abhor but some times adored


“why do we have to follow the wind?”, said the groups of cloud

or is it mother earth moves so fast, makes us moves real slow, they thought

but the voice from within speaks, we are much better than those thunder

without us they are nothing, without us they won’t be present


brothers of thunder still menacing in the distance

searching for a spot of opposite energy they could strike

make a brilliant, bright, luminous cracks on the earth’s surface

but little by little they lost their strength as the cloud moves away


murmuring, the thunder boys slowly passed and stalk in silence

a spark of white, a slash of bleached on the flocks of grey cloud start to emerge

and she said, “let us all be positive,” and the wind finally sigh and breeze

splendid and wonderful, the rain finally came to this land this afternoon

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Children of Today

Children of today

They all dressed in black

Their hairs are colorful display

Of the life that goes around them

Children of today

Gathered round

On the street that has become their homes

Place where everything happens

Children of today

Their faces are moving pictures

Of the life they see

First hand

On the spot

Where they belong

Children of today

Are dancing round and round

Around the globe

They exist around us

But does it mean anything to you?

Children of today

Are us tomorrow

Does their existence mean anything to you?

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