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Here I am

Keep falling at the same place

Time and time again

You’re the one

That simply slip away

Right through this hands of mine


You’re the boy in my dream

You’ve been faithfully stay

Right beside me and won’t let me go

Then you smiled and said to me

Let’s get over with this dream

But I can’t

I don’t want to


You’re the one

If only I knew then what I know now

Please don’t come, if you can’t stay


You’re the boy in my dream

Oh how you haunt me still

Through all my days and night

I guess I really don’t know

How parts of you still lingers on

Here with me

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Marching Still

March be good to me

Don’t let me drown in too deep

You let me standing here still

The sun sets and the moon rises

The thinly spread cloud sky

That dimly scattered stars

I’ve watched them all


March please please be kind

I know that this is not me

And I don’t know what I should be

Wind howling and the rain pouring

I’m the tree that break the gust of air

I’m the ground silence through all the years

I’ve been there all along


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Tin Planet

I had a dream

With the boys from Tin Planet

We are a team

And they are the thin quartet


I spend my time

With the boys from Tin Planet

Lets make a rhyme

Telling stories ’till the sun sets


So there we are

Walking down the street in this old town

It wouldn’t be so far

Bottle caps and a ticket on our hands


And there we are

Proving our existence on that stage

One distance star

A little token from our teen age

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my days

i’m broke and unhappy

i’m single and lonely

yes i’m old but i’m unwise

hard to be told and i paid the price


should’ve listen to my mother

should’ve done what my father

told me to

cause everybody’s talking

and i can’t hear a thing

everybody has their saying

but none of it’s working

for me



we’re throwing away foods

while other sleep starving

we promise to be faithful

and yet we betrayed the one we love


the rich gain even more

the poor go down the drain

and i got lost in between

wondering how did it all started

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happy with our story

i’m getting bored with this story

like old broken record

keep on playing that tragic love song

another stupid fantasy

“i just wanna be adored”

i fell on my own tragic love song


i guess i treat my memory

like an old brown shoe

that i can’t wait to throw away

another wasted accessory

like all my thoughts of you

i just can’t wait to throw it all away


you just don’t know it

but when you’re gone

you didn’t see

most part of me

and i’m so happy

that when you’re gone

i get to be

the best part of me


so i’m happy with our story

you don’t need to pretend no more

you’re no longer be my diary

and let’s end this once and for all

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