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Taxi Driver

Hey taxi driver

Where are you going?

Hey taxi driver

What are you waiting for?

Hey taxi driver

The world is always spinning

Then why don’t you?

Oh taxi driver

Rolling your tires

And like the world

Keep on rolling

Keep on spinning

Right on track

Hey taxi driver

On the road you will find

Things that blocking your way

But maybe just maybe

They’re spinning on the same path

Like you do

Oh taxi driver

Then why don’t you

Lead us on the right way

On the road home

Oh taxi driver

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Children of Today

Children of today

They all dressed in black

Their hairs are colorful display

Of the life that goes around them

Children of today

Gathered round

On the street that has become their homes

Place where everything happens

Children of today

Their faces are moving pictures

Of the life they see

First hand

On the spot

Where they belong

Children of today

Are dancing round and round

Around the globe

They exist around us

But does it mean anything to you?

Children of today

Are us tomorrow

Does their existence mean anything to you?

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