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Dear Sir,

Dear Sir,
I’m writing you this letter because you are my lecturer, mentor, teacher, guru. The light in our dark and unsettled mind. You gave many colors in our grey and dull world. You are more than just someone who teaches us subject that we must learn in school, but also lessons in life. Someone who shows us how to do the right thing, and then learn from our mistakes. Someone who guide us to be on the right path, on the way to take our own place in this whole universe.

As I come to think of it, what a big responsibility that you have on your shoulder. On the palm of your hand, there lies thousands of innocent youngster’s hungry heads, willing or unwillingly to take some of your advice, recorded it, and some applying it. Those thousands little offspring, consciously or unconsciously never want to let you down. Deep down inside, they just want to make you proud, they want to see you smile and relax.

Because you see, as we grow older, we want you to stop worrying about us. Stop interfering, we have our own life now. We want to show you, that it is time for you to think about yourself. Remember, those thousands and thousands seeds of genesis, loves you too, for what you had given them is precious then life it self.

Dear Sir,
I wish you could see us now. If you gaze upon us from the distance, well we can never really be what you want us to be. There is a limit to everything. We would never forget what you had taught us. But what we are destined to be are sometimes full of surprises. You can never tell, you are not a fortune teller, you are not a dictator. You are that someone who would be there even when we are wrong. You are that someone who would say “it’s okay,” or “don’t worry, the sun still comes up tomorrow,”

Dear Sir,
I guess I was wrong, I misjudge you like the way you misjudge me. We are somehow lost in translating those message we’ve sent. You are not always right, and I’m not wrong all the time. We both need to realize, and stop being so perfect, because we are only human. We are not gods, not even close with demigods. It’s natural that we are born to make mistakes, but that does not made us careless either. I hope you would agree with me on this.

Dear Sir,
This world is not on your shoulder alone, but on everyone else’s too. Instead of looking for someone new, why don’t you try to look harder on everyone who stand in front of you. Can’t you tell the difference? Which are your friends or is it all of them are your foe. I choose to leave, for not wanting to be either one. Well basically I don’t think we recognize our self anymore. But, I do hope, maybe someday when we grew a little older, much older, a little wiser, and those sturdiness of idealist armor starts to loosen up a bit, so then when we see each other again, we could start all over.

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