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you again

you said that i’m crazy
but hey, i can lived with that
some said that i’m weird
and others said that i’m a freak
so, nothing’s worse than that

you said that i’m uncertain
can’t never tell what i really want
can’t never read what i had in mind
they said that i’m just like the wind
i come and go whenever i want

and like some legendary creature
solitaire celebrity
unexposed in purpose
mention the name and the mystery remain
and there’s nothing you can do about it

you told me to stop
and so i quit
you told me to go
and so i walk away
you don’t want me around
and so i’ll vanish

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take it easy on your self

don’t push it too hard

i know you want it so bad

but that doesn’t mean

you really need it


take a deep breath now and then

no need to rush

you’ve been secretly yearning for it

but it doesn’t mean

that’s the best thing for you


take the time to listen to your heart

and let your brain get the message

i know that it’s always inside of you

the power to control

right thoughts, right words, right action



been listening to Franz Ferdinand ~ Right Thoughts, Right Words, Right Action

a lot …




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there, i spotted you on the sidewalk

together hand in hand with a pretty smart looking girl

that white shirt and grey trouser

and a back pack on your shoulder

outstanding with your tall and strong figure


there! i saw you on the bus

together sitting next to a pretty good looking girl

that perfect complexion of your and hers skin tone

and that lethal grin on your carved like cheekbone

just one strike, makes me numb like a statue made of stone


there, in that coffee shop

together hanging out with your enormous herculean friend

it was an unusual yet impeccable blend

of the male fashion magazine style that you posed

just one look, and my deepest darkest secret exposed


there, you see? in that little house

when we first met back in 1997

you didn’t even notice me back then

but i always remember you as my big friendly giant

my beautiful, charming titan


there, on that sidewalk

together we were tracing down the memory lane

days of our forgotten youth we try to regain

long hours walking and laughing under the sweet rain

that fragrance, that scent still remain


there, i see your pictures

together, it was a family portrait

on that dimmed computer screen

with some other girl that i have never seen

and i thought, well that is just simply mean


here, take a good look at me

and say it straight to me ,what do you see in me?

i’m just a fool, i know

for i should have known better

this story will only end bitter

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about a guy

love can give you a bad diarrhea

just because you couldn’t tell

and i couldn’t ask

we both shared the wrong idea


the misinterpretation of a dream

leads you to the wrong path

yet that is the right journey

don’t fight, just follow that stream


it’s never been clear, the ‘why’

endless question with not even one answer

and if you keep bouncing back and forth

someday it will stop, and you’ll forget the story about a guy


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parts of this world

first love lied

never be his bride

mentor count on

disregard the trust

father abandon

thirst of wanderlust

mother childbearing

won’t stop complaining

second love pledge

hanging on the edge

unfaithful ally

lost and betray

o brother o sister

don’t leave with this blister



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