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once upon a night

the crown is made of fireflies flying in circle

whenever i’m alone they always cheer me up

we occupied the crooked and stable tree branch

whenever it gets darker the owl joins the club


my pet cat sit beside me his name is Jafar

his green yellowish eyes match the crown i wear

so now the night is young and we’re never too old

to listen to the story the ancient tree would told


we sing about the stars and the moon

the flight of Cygnus on the month of June

we sing about the cloud and the wind

and their journey that will never end

we sing about the sky and the sun

the rise and fall of human kind

we sing about this curious big blue marble

and the chain that link us all in one big circle

and he sings don’t act bad cause you will end up hurting yourself

so do good and all the goodness will eventually came to you


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