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Budi is made from everything that nice

Budi has a soft voice that touch you so tender

Budi only speak the language of love

Budi always act with a good manner

When you see Budi stand

Budi stand with grace

Budi stand lovely

Budi has a long dark wavy hair

That drops beautifully from Budi’s head

Budi has gorgeous eyes that look straight into your heart

Budi has a marvelous smile, as tough the world smile with you

Budi has a cool face, that every time you see Budi you’ll be energized

When you see Budi laugh

Budi laugh with sincerity

Budi laugh lovely

And now Budi is sleeping on a chair in front of me

Even when Budi’s eyes is closed I stop and stare in amazement

The earth stop spinning

The clock stop ticking

My blood stop running and

My heart stop beating

The whole world fell into silence, trying not to wake Budi

The whole world watch and observe to their fully intensity

The whole world gazes in awe

By the peacefulness that Budi spread

Through his undying devotion of love and affection

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