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my days

i’m broke and unhappy

i’m single and lonely

yes i’m old but i’m unwise

hard to be told and i paid the price


should’ve listen to my mother

should’ve done what my father

told me to

cause everybody’s talking

and i can’t hear a thing

everybody has their saying

but none of it’s working

for me



we’re throwing away foods

while other sleep starving

we promise to be faithful

and yet we betrayed the one we love


the rich gain even more

the poor go down the drain

and i got lost in between

wondering how did it all started

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my buddy

everyday i found something new

there are so many blue in you

the light and dark they all combine

the cool and cold they all align

the sky and the sea collide into one


you make me young again

like ten years younger than

two best friend

till the end


the things that i should’ve done

and the stuff that i leave behind

will always take me back in time

but as long as you’re my partner in crime

let’s kick it like those lemon and lime


we don’t need the whole world

we’re younger than those crowd

two best friend

till the end

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oh my sweet George

it’s the scent of the earth dear

when the rain stop pouring down

and the smell of a coffee

it’s a warm cup dark and brown

the long lasting lavender

fragrance that still remains

the flavor of you still remains


oh my sweet George

this rainy days feels much better when you’re around

sweeping all the gloom away with your sweet sound

like the sugar warm aroma of mini buns


it’s the way you move your shoulder

it’s that guitar strap on your back

and when you hold it dearly in your arms

the moment you strum a tune

you had become one

there’s a miracle in every discovery

the rarity you had shown me


oh my sweet George

this world is a better place when you are around

sparkling, swaying, dancing with your sweet song

the abundant colorful life where we belong

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My Aeroplane

Hey butterfly came away with me

Let’s fly together and see if you can catch me

Tell the moon to watch him over me

And make sure that he is alright

Wish upon a star hoping that he’ll be mine

Someday . . .

Tell the cresent moon to smile more widely for me

If the wind breeze gently, what would he whispered for me

When the rain falls from the sky, does he feels so sorry for me

The thunder rolls in those grey clouds

And simply just passing you by

He passes you by

My aeroplane, take off the other night

He’s flying so high and so certain

There is no doubt left inside of me

To watch him flying with his pilot and it’s two wing

High from above the ground

Beautiful choreography

Low and down below

An angel has come to me

But only to say goodbye

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A Falling Star

if i catch a falling star

that’s when i touch your heart

if i hold them tightly in my hand

that’s when i hurt myself

cause you’re the star

oh my little star

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