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Dear Sir,

Dear Sir,
I’m writing you this letter because you are my lecturer, mentor, teacher, guru. The light in our dark and unsettled mind. You gave many colors in our grey and dull world. You are more than just someone who teaches us subject that we must learn in school, but also lessons in life. Someone who shows us how to do the right thing, and then learn from our mistakes. Someone who guide us to be on the right path, on the way to take our own place in this whole universe.

As I come to think of it, what a big responsibility that you have on your shoulder. On the palm of your hand, there lies thousands of innocent youngster’s hungry heads, willing or unwillingly to take some of your advice, recorded it, and some applying it. Those thousands little offspring, consciously or unconsciously never want to let you down. Deep down inside, they just want to make you proud, they want to see you smile and relax.

Because you see, as we grow older, we want you to stop worrying about us. Stop interfering, we have our own life now. We want to show you, that it is time for you to think about yourself. Remember, those thousands and thousands seeds of genesis, loves you too, for what you had given them is precious then life it self.

Dear Sir,
I wish you could see us now. If you gaze upon us from the distance, well we can never really be what you want us to be. There is a limit to everything. We would never forget what you had taught us. But what we are destined to be are sometimes full of surprises. You can never tell, you are not a fortune teller, you are not a dictator. You are that someone who would be there even when we are wrong. You are that someone who would say “it’s okay,” or “don’t worry, the sun still comes up tomorrow,”

Dear Sir,
I guess I was wrong, I misjudge you like the way you misjudge me. We are somehow lost in translating those message we’ve sent. You are not always right, and I’m not wrong all the time. We both need to realize, and stop being so perfect, because we are only human. We are not gods, not even close with demigods. It’s natural that we are born to make mistakes, but that does not made us careless either. I hope you would agree with me on this.

Dear Sir,
This world is not on your shoulder alone, but on everyone else’s too. Instead of looking for someone new, why don’t you try to look harder on everyone who stand in front of you. Can’t you tell the difference? Which are your friends or is it all of them are your foe. I choose to leave, for not wanting to be either one. Well basically I don’t think we recognize our self anymore. But, I do hope, maybe someday when we grew a little older, much older, a little wiser, and those sturdiness of idealist armor starts to loosen up a bit, so then when we see each other again, we could start all over.

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O Little Brother

O little brother

You are the cure for the pain

Just one look and I’ll be okay

I know I’ll be alright


O little brother

You never smile

But I don’t know why or how

You make me smile


O little brother

You said we have met before

Well I don’t remember

So tell me then


O little brother

You said we have something in common

You said you looked like me

Well I’m glad


O little brother

Are you looking out for me?

Are you for real or just an illusion?

You didn’t say much


O little brother

We were made with only one heart

And it’s not with you I have to share

Let it go


O my little brother

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Love Letter

To my dearest person,

I want you to know that I will always love you forever, for the rest of my life. There is nothing in this world that would change all my feelings for you. I hope you understand that I only have one heart and it’s already filled by you. You are the greatest gift that God had given me and what you gave me, I just couldn’t ask for more. Thank you for the lovely gift.

My dear,

I have loved you in my youth. When I first met you, all those teenage dream comes rolling into me. Unstoppable. I thought it’s going to be fantastic. You are the guy with everything just in the right place. I know it since then, that this will be dramatic. My feet wont touch the ground. It’s hazy inside my head and I can’t seem to do anything right. And you’re laughing me instead. The sun is in the sky, it’s a lovely day. Don’t want to be anywhere, but here. Anyway, you look so sweet with that smile.

Oh my love,

Years gone by, and I love you still. One thing to do is telling you how I feel. The truth is, it’s making me frantic. I never thought about it before. Who would ever know, that the result of my action will be so ironic. You make everything sound true. Or is it because I honestly believed in you. You’re telling me lies. And I don’t know the reason why. You left me with questions unanswered. You seem really nice, but I guess I don’t really know you. Why are you telling me all those lies?

My darling,

The rain did stop at the end of the year, leaving me only with the strong wind, that blows almost everyone and the memory of us. But then it starts falling again when the year just began. The tiny bits of me and you, getting smaller and slowly disappear. It’s a cloudy morning in January, when somebody just been re-born. And everything just like the way it always be. Nothing is changing. There will be no me and you in every ending of every story that ever born in this world.

So I guess this is where I must leave, understanding your gesture very well. There is nothing left for me anyway, is it my sweet? Hmm … Nothing, but a big empty space in this vast universe.


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For My Beloved Teachers

my beloved teacher would tweak or pull my ears quite hard, and it hurts, cause i wont sit still and go outside the classroom playing around during study time ^^  …

my beloved teacher told me to cut my hair, cause my hairdo is like, he said, a devil’s companion ^^ …

my beloved teacher told me to shush my mouth, cause i made silly joke about geography during her explanation =p …

my beloved teacher told me to stop kicking off the dirt in the field during the ceremony =D…

my beloved teacher told me to stay until the class is finished to clean the whiteboard and scold me in front of my friends cause i made silly mistake using the wrong board marker … doh! …

but my beloved teacher also told me that discipline is needed to keep us on the right track. they also told me that we need to respect each other in order to respect our self too. they told me to be precise, doing what you’d love to do and be responsible at the same time. they told me to share what we’ve got with others, take the benefit by sharing, and make my self useful in this whole wide world.

and here i am now, not knowing if i’m already lived my life the way they’ve told me to. am i being such a good person? cause sometimes i just simply forget what they’ve told me =p … and on this day i just remember that i should be grateful to know each and every one of them, guiding me always with their wisdom, their words are always there in my heart, inside of me, saved in my bank of memory, all i need to do is just simply recall it, or read this thing right here again and again 🙂

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Let’s …

Let’s not talk about it

But I will remember it well

So, well I cannot stop thinking about it

The thing that I want to forget

So hard …

To stop believing

To stop dreaming

To stop this pursuit of nothingness

Let me be empty for a while

Not knowing my past

Not designing my future

Plain and unwritten

Keep you in my memories

Erase you from my future

Let’s just not talk about it

Let’s just forget about it

There is nothing left

For me

For you

And let this be nothing but one of our sweetest day

About you and me

Let’s just forget about you and me

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