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when it rain

let’s write a song about the rain today

the sun’s gone out the sky fade into gray

and i’m all alone in this room anyway

there’s nothing left for me to say


the flash makes you blink thunder makes you shrink

wind chills the brain but your heart is on fire

so here i am in the dark corner of this room

giving all my heart in full bloom


there’s something in the air can you feel it?

a faint signal far away one heartbeat

or maybe my frequency finally fit

between droplets of water

racing among the lightning

creeping inside this cold soul

a spark one little warm flame


it’s that song about the rain you do know

the one you put up as a one man show

i’ll be watching when you play the banjo

here when it’s raining and i’m all alone

and i’m all alone when it rain

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is it you?

I visited you everyday

in that little corner of my brain

in that small space of my heart

where all our dreams are coming true

when all the promises are being kept


I come to you every night

in my most vivid dream could be

as old as the first idea of pure imagination

about the tale of two mortals

about the fable of two animals


I let you came to me

an easy prey caught off guard

with all my fears and doubts

I let you came to me

giving with all you might

revealing to the last card

I let you came to me

But when it all said and done

You let me go and so I run


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