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happy with our story

i’m getting bored with this story

like old broken record

keep on playing that tragic love song

another stupid fantasy

“i just wanna be adored”

i fell on my own tragic love song


i guess i treat my memory

like an old brown shoe

that i can’t wait to throw away

another wasted accessory

like all my thoughts of you

i just can’t wait to throw it all away


you just don’t know it

but when you’re gone

you didn’t see

most part of me

and i’m so happy

that when you’re gone

i get to be

the best part of me


so i’m happy with our story

you don’t need to pretend no more

you’re no longer be my diary

and let’s end this once and for all

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I am happy right now

But funny how I can’t hold the tears in my eyes

I am smiling right now

But seriously, my heart telling me a whole different story

I am calm right now

But look how my feet are running fast

Your photograph says a thousand words

And your words give me a thousand meanings

But you didn’t say any word

You let me floating in a misery

I’m trying to forget you for a while

But all the issues for today is YOU

And it’s like The Beatles sing their song live in front of you

Here, There and Everywhere

In every people’s conversation

On every people’s face

And in all their sounds

They all reminds me of you

I am trying to be cheerful for today

But all day long, the sun refuses to shine

The ash colored clouds rule the day

In every square of the vast blue sky

Your crayon drawn portrait

With that marvelous smile of yours

Still pin me down

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