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among the crowd

the portrait of a perfect family

it doesn’t included me

i’m the one behind the camera

easily forgotten hard to remember


the handsome king and his beautiful queen

of course that wasn’t me

you will find me among the still crowd

we all look the same, blinded by fame


everybody wants to be like you

wants to be a part of that life too

foolishly following you

hopeless and without a clue


the sun is always shining on your side

while the grey cloud visits me

you will watch me behind the windowpane

i’m the one who dance under the rain


so i’m gonna steal the light

from the stars at night

silver lining between the clouds

and Mr. moon will understand

it’s the dark matter’s magic wand

that moves us up and down all around

i will always be among the crowd


so i am the people’s face

well hidden no trace

sometimes almost invisible

next to a kin with mythical

i’m not lost and i will be found

what’s moves us up and down all around

yes you will see me among those crowd


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the sky’s an empty sea

there’s no cloud to be seen

there’s no bird to watch

there’s no dream to catch


the long road’s another waterfall

and i’m sliding fast on the steep wall

tried to stop and not go with the flow

and if i did maybe for once i could

found someone new

a better version of you


the tree’s a cold sculpture

no emotion within

forget how to sway

don’t know how to play


this vacant heart beats another beat

another sound saying incomplete

another riot in an empty street

keep looking for something and i won’t quit

i’ll found someone new

a better version of you

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searching for a home

a place i can call my own

somewhere to rest my bone

i’ll keep the floor clean

shoes off before you came in

bounce on the trampoline

heading for the sky

like a swift dart i will fly

forget the world a while


longing for some friends

together a time well spent

form unusual blend

a ladybug drop by

on my shoulder the dragonfly

we dream under the pink sky

they won’t let me go

like the way that wind blow

or the look of a sleepy owl


yes i’m going home

and i won’t stare at your name

the way i did not so long a go

a space i no longer claim

and this warm feeling inside

last all my day and night

let those thread untied

let me take this first flight

to a place i called home

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i got tan

out of my den

play in the sand

i got tan again


there’s the sun

having fun

in this land

it is his favorite son


rainbow many of colors

but none seems to fit with mine

they told you to be more white

in this colorful world

and i love chocolate to the skin

not yours radiant pink

or that porcelain face look

like you wish

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when it rain

let’s write a song about the rain today

the sun’s gone out the sky fade into gray

and i’m all alone in this room anyway

there’s nothing left for me to say


the flash makes you blink thunder makes you shrink

wind chills the brain but your heart is on fire

so here i am in the dark corner of this room

giving all my heart in full bloom


there’s something in the air can you feel it?

a faint signal far away one heartbeat

or maybe my frequency finally fit

between droplets of water

racing among the lightning

creeping inside this cold soul

a spark one little warm flame


it’s that song about the rain you do know

the one you put up as a one man show

i’ll be watching when you play the banjo

here when it’s raining and i’m all alone

and i’m all alone when it rain

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