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the day when

i met Venus this morning

a graceful different kind of crescent

with Spica on her ring

radiant in the pink sky

between the giant water bears

a plump remnant of grey clouds

curled in and out

swimming in the pink sky


it is when the night walker met the day dreamer

it is when the light finally touch the dark

it is when the tune seeps through this cracked heart

it is when i found the key to make time stop


i met you in my dream

that prince charming trade mark you bring

you are the star among the stars

the brightest of them all

but i am just a pebble

carved in this ocean of people

another grey in monochrome world

a small round plain pebble


this is the day when you shout “the storm’s coming, Dorothy!”

this is the day when you should start running and keep it going

this is the day when you wish the rain wash away your tears

this is the day when wise words slaps you in the face

this is the day when the filament get electrified

this is the day when you’re in love, and got sick of it

this is the day when it all start and then simply stop

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