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you and i

our names were once written

on the sacred, ancient script

our story was many times told

never gets old, won’t keep them bored

you and i gladly welcome those heavy grey clouds

and soon we will be dancing under the pouring rain

and if the lightning and thunder came by

you and i will embraced them as an old friend

while i cherished the morning light

you lived to the utmost during the night

and i sing to the sun with the birds on the trees

but you walk with the moonbeam and whisper through the leaves

you and i lay awake in different parts of this universe

when you’re trotting your way to greatness

i hide from the world and observe

we may move a long side by side that will be the greatest

though our path may sometimes crossed here and there

and our destiny may sometimes meets now and then

but the story of us as recited again and again

so sadly by those melancholy storyteller

on the dark corner of the street

are never meant to be intertwine

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