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i’m thirty five

and yes i eat noodle with a rice

i sometimes add more spice

and finished it with something nice

like that sweet tea with cubes of ice


i love the wind

hoping they would be kind enough to let me join

it’s a free ride need no cards need no coin

i sometimes think that i’m their queen

in a never ending quest of this sea of green


i speak to all

salute the trees big and small

and even greet to those animals

who walks or leaps, who flies or crawls

they passed me by and the trees stands tall


music is my voice

a moment when words and sound rejoice

creates a simple tune and a slice of advice

it’s so addictive, you need to hear it more than twice

builds a transparent shelter, my sanctuary, it is my paradise


i am thirty five

still wondering about my life

will i ever be a devoted housewife

will i ever give birth to a new life

or just struggling with cutting board and a knife

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about a guy

love can give you a bad diarrhea

just because you couldn’t tell

and i couldn’t ask

we both shared the wrong idea


the misinterpretation of a dream

leads you to the wrong path

yet that is the right journey

don’t fight, just follow that stream


it’s never been clear, the ‘why’

endless question with not even one answer

and if you keep bouncing back and forth

someday it will stop, and you’ll forget the story about a guy


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