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about a guy

love can give you a bad diarrhea

just because you couldn’t tell

and i couldn’t ask

we both shared the wrong idea


the misinterpretation of a dream

leads you to the wrong path

yet that is the right journey

don’t fight, just follow that stream


it’s never been clear, the ‘why’

endless question with not even one answer

and if you keep bouncing back and forth

someday it will stop, and you’ll forget the story about a guy


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a song

There goes that song again

Wonderful tune, great lyrics

Captivating vocal, charming swain

Makes you swoon, makes you frantic

Makes you dance, makes you trance


There goes that story one more time

Sensational plot, skillful speech

Fascinating character, a portrait of another prime

Makes you stoned, makes you weak

Absolute addiction, hoping for a pleasant fiction


And there goes my love lost repeat

The choice is nothing but retreat

Let’s talk and reveal the whole thing

Forget and seal the whole damn thing

‘Till nothing left but the slow whisper in our hearts

That we were once dwell in and fill each parts

And soon it’ll died away, don’t bother to recall

And soon it’ll fade away, those writings on the wall

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A Falling Star

if i catch a falling star

that’s when i touch your heart

if i hold them tightly in my hand

that’s when i hurt myself

cause you’re the star

oh my little star

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