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Liebster Award Nomination

Hello friends,

I want to tell you that of all the news I have received recently, this nomination is like a breeze to me 😃,  thank you so much for making my day to Atul Depak for the Liebster Award nomination, it truly is an honor for me. Do visit his blog if you want to join the interesting discussion about current affairs in India, and also another topics.


This is my first time being nominated in blogger award, so it’s entirely new experience for me. And it really is something, cause I started this blog way back in 2010 (^^) and totally stopped writing almost anything for so many reason. But I come back (yeah!) in August this year, it has been amazing ever since. I’m hoping to find my rhythm back by exploring the emotion based on what I see, hear and feel. And I know that I have found my self little by little every time I finished writing, I just felt that huge relief (^^)

Here are the rules:

  1. Acknowledge the blogger that gave it to you and display the award.
  2. Answer 11 questions that blogger gives you.
  3. Give 11 random thoughts about yourself.
  4. Nominate 11 blogs and notify them of their nomination.
  5. Give these blogs 11 questions to answer.

Check out here for the Liebster Award official rules.

And here are the answers to Atul Depak‘s questions:

  • Describe yourself in 5 words … I am difficult to explain 😉
  • If one person has inspired you the most, who is she? … I can’t pick one, everyone I met is inspiring
  • If you have to choose between your mother and father, who will u choose and why? … my dad, I didn’t spend much time with him
  • If you have to give your life for a cause, what cause that would be? … I don’t know the answer for that right now 😅
  • Do you support the annihilation of caste system? … Yes
  • Your view on world government? … I know it’ll be more chaotic if I join the party (^^)
  • Who is your favorite world leader and why? … I can’t think of any one 
  • What according to you is the best way to solve the ongoing refuge problem? … people need to start learning how to share
  • Have you done anything to promote gender equality? … I wrote a poetry about violence against women, but I don’t know if it has an impact 🙄  
  • What according to you is the best way to tackle climate change? … it’s already happening, at a personal level just trying my best to be environment-friendly
  • What will you do if you were the only person left on Earth? … I’m guessing by the time that happen, the earth will no longer be in the same condition as we know today, it’s barren, catastrophic and not much to enjoy and eventually I will die for loneliness 😁


So here are 11 random thoughts about me:

  1. i love music and The Beatles is my number one
  2. recently in love with George Ezra
  3. i like to sing out loud but i have a terrible voice … ha!
  4. i can play guitar and ukulele at beginner lever 😁
  5. i sometimes sings my poetry
  6. loved to observe everything around me, the people and the nature
  7. crazy about cats
  8. i’m easily distracted
  9. i speak to animals that came across my path … 🤦‍♀️
  10. somehow i eat tofu most of the time
  11. still enjoy reading Tintin and Asterix


Taratatata! i’ve come across with many interesting bloggers in the last four months, a lot more better writer than i am, and here are only 11 blogs that i nominated for the Liebster Award:

  1. nanirigby
  2. almostmuslima
  3. Aiswarya kombilath
  4. bookishcapricorn
  5. fathima sanna
  6. the paper drafts
  7. amankumar 000
  8. Currently Apple
  9. enchiristMETA
  10. Bibiana Darwin
  11. Bagel&Beagle


Question for my fellow bloggers:

  1. your blog in 3 words, are?
  2. your favorite author?
  3. how many times did you re-read your writing?
  4. when you write, do you lock yourself in a room?
  5. your favorite books?
  6. what is your favorite stationary items?
  7. any other hobbies else than writing?
  8. what kind of things that must be there or accompanying you when you write?
  9. what is a writer’s block to you?
  10. most anticipated guest to be at your house right now? why?
  11. where would you want to be, the beach or the mountain?

And there it is, i hope i done this right. thank you once again to the nominator and the creator of this awards.

Best regards!

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Dear Sir,

Dear Sir,
I’m writing you this letter because you are my lecturer, mentor, teacher, guru. The light in our dark and unsettled mind. You gave many colors in our grey and dull world. You are more than just someone who teaches us subject that we must learn in school, but also lessons in life. Someone who shows us how to do the right thing, and then learn from our mistakes. Someone who guide us to be on the right path, on the way to take our own place in this whole universe.

As I come to think of it, what a big responsibility that you have on your shoulder. On the palm of your hand, there lies thousands of innocent youngster’s hungry heads, willing or unwillingly to take some of your advice, recorded it, and some applying it. Those thousands little offspring, consciously or unconsciously never want to let you down. Deep down inside, they just want to make you proud, they want to see you smile and relax.

Because you see, as we grow older, we want you to stop worrying about us. Stop interfering, we have our own life now. We want to show you, that it is time for you to think about yourself. Remember, those thousands and thousands seeds of genesis, loves you too, for what you had given them is precious then life it self.

Dear Sir,
I wish you could see us now. If you gaze upon us from the distance, well we can never really be what you want us to be. There is a limit to everything. We would never forget what you had taught us. But what we are destined to be are sometimes full of surprises. You can never tell, you are not a fortune teller, you are not a dictator. You are that someone who would be there even when we are wrong. You are that someone who would say “it’s okay,” or “don’t worry, the sun still comes up tomorrow,”

Dear Sir,
I guess I was wrong, I misjudge you like the way you misjudge me. We are somehow lost in translating those message we’ve sent. You are not always right, and I’m not wrong all the time. We both need to realize, and stop being so perfect, because we are only human. We are not gods, not even close with demigods. It’s natural that we are born to make mistakes, but that does not made us careless either. I hope you would agree with me on this.

Dear Sir,
This world is not on your shoulder alone, but on everyone else’s too. Instead of looking for someone new, why don’t you try to look harder on everyone who stand in front of you. Can’t you tell the difference? Which are your friends or is it all of them are your foe. I choose to leave, for not wanting to be either one. Well basically I don’t think we recognize our self anymore. But, I do hope, maybe someday when we grew a little older, much older, a little wiser, and those sturdiness of idealist armor starts to loosen up a bit, so then when we see each other again, we could start all over.

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The Writer

There is a blank page in front of you waiting and willingly to be written

But can you really face it?

Is it so difficult to face something so clean, empty and plain?

Is it so hard to do something even if it’s just a scratch?

What will you do?

Did you just give in to its innocence?

Or did you just give up so easily because you think you’re unable?

Staring at that blank page …

And the voices inside your head keep on screaming

“You can do it! You can do this!”

But still you can’t came up with something

What tale do I have to tell?


Well this is the story about a writer who always find it difficult when he faces a blank page on his computer screen. He’s a storyteller, but he didn’t tell his story like the old traditional storyteller did. Through his writing he expresses his voice, his mime, and his gestures. He creates his own world of fantasy on the depths of his unsettled brain. His mind is filled with many great stories, amazing imagination, wonderful adventure, not yet ended, they are just waiting to be fulfilled.

His head will look like a big balloon, ready to float into the thin air. Sometimes he’s really excited, he’s just keep on smiling and think, that this will be great! Pictures upon pictures moved rapidly like a movie inside his brain. Too fast that he can’t even tell how it starts and how it suddenly ends. But then that moment finally come, when he has to sit down and face that gray tube with the plain white screen again. He hated this part so much.

A beginning is the hardest part of all, but sometimes to end something so wonderful is also difficult. What will be the first word to start a big adventure? What is the secret to every great story? How to translate those electrical vibes inside your brain, that tickles your emotion, and shock your body? Is it the beginning? Is it that delightful appetizer of the most delicious words? Or is it just a simple writing so we can digest it in our stomach of thoughts in an easy way.

Perhaps it is the main course. That is the center of where and when everything important is happening and took place. The good and the bad, the evil and the innocent, the strong and the weak, the inferior and the superior, the snob and the down to earth, and the one who haven’t made up their mind yet, all in one plate. Together they’re all in an epic battle, trying to win the reader’s heart. It’s that sweet yet spicy taste messing up your brain. You really don’t want to miss this part, because you will lose the entire story. You want to be apart of something huge, and this is where those humongous things are.

Or is it when everything is settled down, when you finally find yourself breathing again. When the sun finally showed up, and the peaceful sound of nature filling up the air. How will you finish the story? Do you want to pleased every reader by giving them the perfect happy ending? Or do you want to give them something else? Why don’t you give the audience a chance to make their own story? Ah, how he hated this part so much.

Once again he faced that plain white blank screen. There is nothing in it, empty. His white cottonly clouds of thoughts had gone astray in the vast blue sky inside his head. The moment has long gone before he knew it. He is on the verge of going out of his mind, he want to scream out of his lung, he wants to break the wall that stands so solid in front of him.

He feels so frustrated by this, all he wants is to be a good writer, but why it seems so hard for him even just to write those group of letter that mean something, eventually people just get something out of it. He needs help.

When you are down, end everywhere you go there is only a thick wall that surrounds you. You are in maze, a little rat got lost on the way home, his only clue is a scent of a cheese, and his only weapon is his sharp nose. He needs a hand sent from up above.

Don’t wait!

You have to reach!

Reach even before they have the slightest thought of giving you a hand. Reach! And then you will realize that you are not alone.

So he asks one of his good fellows, his most trusted person in giving good, creative, cutting edge ideas, what is the secret in the world of writings?

He said, “Don’t think … just write”.


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Love Letter

To my dearest person,

I want you to know that I will always love you forever, for the rest of my life. There is nothing in this world that would change all my feelings for you. I hope you understand that I only have one heart and it’s already filled by you. You are the greatest gift that God had given me and what you gave me, I just couldn’t ask for more. Thank you for the lovely gift.

My dear,

I have loved you in my youth. When I first met you, all those teenage dream comes rolling into me. Unstoppable. I thought it’s going to be fantastic. You are the guy with everything just in the right place. I know it since then, that this will be dramatic. My feet wont touch the ground. It’s hazy inside my head and I can’t seem to do anything right. And you’re laughing me instead. The sun is in the sky, it’s a lovely day. Don’t want to be anywhere, but here. Anyway, you look so sweet with that smile.

Oh my love,

Years gone by, and I love you still. One thing to do is telling you how I feel. The truth is, it’s making me frantic. I never thought about it before. Who would ever know, that the result of my action will be so ironic. You make everything sound true. Or is it because I honestly believed in you. You’re telling me lies. And I don’t know the reason why. You left me with questions unanswered. You seem really nice, but I guess I don’t really know you. Why are you telling me all those lies?

My darling,

The rain did stop at the end of the year, leaving me only with the strong wind, that blows almost everyone and the memory of us. But then it starts falling again when the year just began. The tiny bits of me and you, getting smaller and slowly disappear. It’s a cloudy morning in January, when somebody just been re-born. And everything just like the way it always be. Nothing is changing. There will be no me and you in every ending of every story that ever born in this world.

So I guess this is where I must leave, understanding your gesture very well. There is nothing left for me anyway, is it my sweet? Hmm … Nothing, but a big empty space in this vast universe.


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