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us in a moment

did you know?

the thunder starts to rumble in the distance

murmured nature calling

the wind decided to make a rampage among the trees

initiated nature gathering

those heavy grey clouds sweeping the blue sky away

wrapping the earth in the cold air

hiding it from solitary mister sun

and when endless water starts to pour down

those millimeter droplets kiss the ground

filling our lungs with the fragrance of wet soil

a dry land meets perky raindrop

that is us in a moment

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aku bermimpi tentang bulan yang terbagi dua

kemudian halo yang mengelilinginya ternyata ada dua

aku tunjuk rembulan itu pada temanku yang juga ada dua

tak tahu apa yang terjadi pada candra bermuka dua


satu saat dia bening, jernih, cemerlang, dan berkilauan

menggoreskan senyum pada setiap yang memandangnya

lain waktu dia gelap, gelita, tersembunyi dalam bayangan

menancapkan sejuta pertanyaan pada semua yang mengenalnya


aku bermimpi tentang bulan yang terbelah dua

tak lagi satu, tak lagi utuh, tak lagi lengkap

masing-masing mendapat bagian yang sama

tampang sendu, sinar temaram dari muka yang tak rata

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blend into the darkness, breathe in the stillness

mindful little steps, ferociously silent

hunting for the next prey, we are the nocturnal

hypnotized by the mystique moonlight

singing about the honey glazed stars

dancing in the wind, we are the nocturnal

the rhythm of the night sounds better

the mind speaks louder at this hours

cool head keen eyes, we are the nocturnal

one merry loner meets another one

together more happy lonely creatures

articulate the words in captivating chant

we are the nocturnal!

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blue bag guy

perhaps it’s the ‘oasis’ cap you wear

draw my attention

and with those eyeglasses you stare

are we making any connection?


that ridiculous blue bag oddly fits you

try to figure of a number, and that is one

you would easily blown away by the wind

but keep on smiling no matter what


i guess those narrowed eyes finally capture me

how would i look inside your head

how could i be the one that stole your crown

when our brief history of talking is none


doubts linger on inside of me

you must not really loved me

i’m not brave enough to have you

i’m not strong enough to be with you


for what you think is real

is nothing but an illusion to me

i could never take the leap

i could never break the wall


you are always one step ahead of me

and if i fall, don’t bother to pick me up

cause i simply wont let you

but I’ll keep you in my memory

as my kind fun loving blue bag guy

and you’ll remember me

as that mean girl who dumped you for a silly reason

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a long lost habit

I used to watched the sky

when there was just clear and bright blue

then the white cottony clouds, hurried along

rolled by the sudden wind

they greet and gather up making circles

I used to wonder about their shapes

asking question like

would there be a castle hovering behind those thick layered pillow like material?

do they hide from us, or we refuse to see …


and when the sun sets

there is nothing like that mixture of orange and pink I have ever seen

then slowly it turns light purple

while the blue still on the hemisphere

for a brief it’s a party of colors

then it gets darker and mystical

and in a sudden the sky has lost its color


the night sky, my favorite

in that dark and stillness

nothing but the blinking of a far away objects

and if I just laid down and looked up

it seems that there’s nothing between me and the stars

and if I could reach higher with these two hands,

can I touch those little old lights?

and if …

I just let myself in,

would they all embrace me as an old friend?

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