n o

29 Okt

no more, this one is for you

it’s a wrong idea all along

i’m filling my head with

no, that song is not about you

it’s never been you

you see, it’s my mistake

no need to trace down again

those brittle memory lane

it never means anything, anyway

so please, don’t call me by my name

cause i won’t call yours

no, not anymore

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Ditulis oleh pada Oktober 29, 2018 in puisi, remeh temeh


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3 responses to “n o

  1. Nilzeitung

    Oktober 29, 2018 at 4:31 am

    WOW great!! Point on the words, or underscore,, and also perceive themselves!!! Thank you very much!!

    Disukai oleh 2 orang


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