19 Okt


let’s go!

let’s ride with the wind

don’t mind

just flow

and show me your grin

so jump!

you see

each cloud is our trampoline

reach high

touch the sky

glorious pose in midair

bounce back

no worries

unleash, release your self

this world

i know

treats you unkind

but look!


we won’t leave you behind

so take

your time

and enjoy every moment

this life

too short

to be over analyzed

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Ditulis oleh pada Oktober 19, 2018 in puisi, remeh temeh


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3 responses to “balance

  1. Abhishek pathania

    Oktober 19, 2018 at 8:04 pm

    Wow! Amazing

    Disukai oleh 2 orang


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