For My Beloved Teachers

24 Agu

my beloved teacher would tweak or pull my ears quite hard, and it hurts, cause i wont sit still and go outside the classroom playing around during study time ^^  …

my beloved teacher told me to cut my hair, cause my hairdo is like, he said, a devil’s companion ^^ …

my beloved teacher told me to shush my mouth, cause i made silly joke about geography during her explanation =p …

my beloved teacher told me to stop kicking off the dirt in the field during the ceremony =D…

my beloved teacher told me to stay until the class is finished to clean the whiteboard and scold me in front of my friends cause i made silly mistake using the wrong board marker … doh! …

but my beloved teacher also told me that discipline is needed to keep us on the right track. they also told me that we need to respect each other in order to respect our self too. they told me to be precise, doing what you’d love to do and be responsible at the same time. they told me to share what we’ve got with others, take the benefit by sharing, and make my self useful in this whole wide world.

and here i am now, not knowing if i’m already lived my life the way they’ve told me to. am i being such a good person? cause sometimes i just simply forget what they’ve told me =p … and on this day i just remember that i should be grateful to know each and every one of them, guiding me always with their wisdom, their words are always there in my heart, inside of me, saved in my bank of memory, all i need to do is just simply recall it, or read this thing right here again and again 🙂

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