an old poetry

15 Agu

yep! its been a while, and the truth is i kinda get lost in what i did, so i just simply forgot how to write, for almost five years ;D. the last time i wrote here is in 2012, just like that title of a movie when the world ends, but not entirely :p. its pretty much like my blog writing career LOL.

erm … i had another blog in kompasiana, there you can find some of my writings, but, well lets just say that i’m not an active writer. i stopped writing in 2013. there are so many ridiculous poetry there 🙂 hey i’m still learning how to write in English.

i probably wont publish more of my writing in kompasiana, yeah … i’m just gonna do it here at wordpress. focusing in one blog, i mean having two blog for me is pretty much, i’m just a beginner after all 🙂

so i found this poetry, i mean i did a lot of scraps 😀 but its always unfinished, but most of all is i’m lacking the confidence to published it, because i think its silly, shallow, and another ‘s’ word writing (please feel free to interpret the ‘s’). but i guess now is the time to say the most frequent word i said during my college year … “whatever!” :p

there is no title, i’m finding it hard to give one, to every writing that i wrote, there is always no title. its something that i did in the last minute.

so, here it is one of the ‘s’ word poetry ^^

no, i do not wish to write your name

for i already carved a few

made a scratch

it lasts so long, but never stay

this time, i’m going to set it free

don’t go holding it too tight, no …

made a cage

it stayed a while, but didn’t last

and the world keep spinning

so i’ll keep walking

they keep on asking

so i’ll keep smiling

cause you and i will keep on laughing

when we both dancing through the night


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