treasure by the cure (an interpretation)

06 Mar

and its like a long lost treasure, i found this song played on my shuffled music player.

actually i didn’t know that i had this song, while its been there all along in my music folder, where hundreds of them been kept very nice and well =D

tonight when this song was played straight to my ears through the headphones,

the sound of music was so Cure, the voice was so Robert Smith, and the words are … hm i’ll let you decided yourself, here it is,


She whispers

“please remember me

When I am gone from here”

She whispers

“please remember me

But not with tears…

Remember I was always true

Remember that I always tried

Remember I loved only you

Remember me and smile…

For it’s better to forget

Than to remember me

And cry”

“remember I was always true

Remember that I always tried

Remember I loved only you

Remember me and smile…

For it’s better to forget

Than to remember me

And cry… ”


among the other music that i”ve listened to from the cure, this lyrics is quite short, there’s only one verse and one repeated refrain. that what makes it simple, straight to the point, easy to remember and as clear as the words that someone special would whispered to your ears.

words of love will always sounds poetic, whether its beautiful that makes it lovely, or a little bit harsh that makes it funny, however we tend to be positive on it. but these words of love is about losing someone, its sad but true.

to me this song tells us about a relationship of two people, you could say lovers, in moments of saying goodbyes. i dont know what makes them got separated, because the song gives you the impression that the couple are in love with each other, so much, but something makes them apart.

from the very beginning the singer told us about the words that the girl whispered to him. it describe how his girl felt about this break up. she seems to care and loved the boy very much cause she said and beg to be remembered after she’s gone and away from him, but not with tears.

so she wants him only to remember the happy times they’ve spent together. however this wasn’t easy because its hard to remember someone that we love very much, while they’re not with us, without tearing our heart and makes us cry.

her last messages is, well to me these words insisted how she wants to be remembered for those great moments with him. she’s always true and honest with him, she’s always tried to give the best in this relationship, and the most important thing is she loved only him. so she really hoped to be remembered with a smile, and once again, not with tears.

the part that touches me very much, is when she said “for its better to forget than to remember me and cry”. so i think she knows the situation very well, that this farewell wont lead them anywhere but only to sadness.

there is no “I” that refers to the singer in this song, there is no words that stated the point of view or emotional feeling from the leading part, the subject whose been doing monolog in this song, or in other word the “boy”, or else the “he”. =D …

well anyway, this song also tells us that there is this boy who is recalling someone in his past, but not so very long a go. cause his melancholy and ‘talk like’ singing, flat notes, not too high, actually quite low, shows that he still grieving for this love lost.

when i listened to robert’s voice, he’s always gave me that dreamy feeling, i dont know how to described this haha … but it seems that he always reminiscing something that he will never had, his voice tells us that he had been lonely all this time, and pretty tired with it, but he just get along with it, and he’s moving on somehow.

the music also plays a big part in shaping the emotions to whoever listen to this song, well at least to me =D

the cure played such a tearing your heart tune, this melodramatic melody keeps repeated all the time, it reminds me that something that we kept inside, something that we wish to forget, something that we know it’ll only bring us sorrow when we remembered it, but we kept on recalling it, cause it really means a lot to us …

this heartbreaking situation is such an emotional debris for every one of us …

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